Mobile phones are the most used small screen device. Thus, even though you have a stunning website, you need to make it responsive to be easily accessible on smaller screens. It has been estimated that 60% of the website traffic comes from mobile. Therefore, this calls for creating an app for your website.

You might think it to be too daunting initially, but if you look and research the approaches, there are several convenient ways to transform your website into an app. And, do you know the best choice- WordPress Plug-ins.

5 Plugins For WordPress Website Transform To A Mobile App

Some great professionals can offer the best WordPress Plug-ins in Ajax. As the number of ways to optimize the WordPress and bring conversions. However, nothing will work as effectively as a user-friendly mobile app.

Here are some of the top and best ways to create an app for your website.

A detailed process with 9 steps that has a DIY included for developing an app for a website. They are entirely dedicated to the WooCommerce platform- the ones who are regarded as the pioneers in building mobile apps for eCommerce websites. They help in creating beautiful, aesthetic and native apps that focus on enhancing the business. It supports thousands of plug-ins and is easy for anyone to use.

It is a highly detailed and customizable mobile app builder. This can make your website capable of working like a mobile app. However, it is not easy for the non-developers to handle it as it needs a lot of customization in the backend from the basics. It has remarkable features like customization of all content, provides push notification, extensive navigation designs, and is compatible with WordPress plugins and extensions.

This is a comprehensive plugin as it supports Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. This is free to use and you can have a preview of the website in the form of an app. And, then you can even analyze and examine how the website looks in the free mode. Go for deep link indexing and add buttons for sharing via email and social media platforms. It enables modification of the page and enables easier navigation. Moreover, the plug-in also allows you to place content flexibly in terms of content and graphics.

This is the most known and free mobile app builder. MobiLoud is a cost-effective approach to have an app for your website. They have a robust team who builds the best app for you customized and tailored to a great extent as per your business. They have the basic two offers for their clients-

  • First, that adds new sites or converts blog
  • second, makes high traffic switch

It has some excellent features like it can be built for iOS and Android apps. You can add push notifications as well as add app maintenance and updates. Moreover, you can customize your design and logo to make sure that you have the best and the most appealing website in the form of an app.

This plugin quickly helps in turning your website into an app- An android one. The best part b is that it can be easily customized and used. Web2App does not cause any compromisation on the quality of the website. Moreover, it provides enough ability for the developer to design and come out with a sturdy and reliable mobile app. They have some stunning features like offering custom push notifications, uploading a custom made icons and selecting and redesigning the splash screen. The plug-in is compatible with several other platforms besides enabling the developers to build an android app at that time.

Are you looking for a professional who has a range of ways to create apps for your websites? Here are some of the best WordPress Plugins for you to use. Contact Designworkz. The professionals are experienced and trained with the right skills to ensure delivering the best mobile app for your business.