Do you the percentage of websites being attacked? It’s alarmingly high. Around 1,00,000 hack attacks on WordPress sites take place every minute! Hackers steal customer data and money, send spam emails, and carry out other malicious activities. So it is important to protect your website from hackers.
Complete Guide to Protect Your Website from Hackers and Malware

It is hard, time-consuming, and expensive to repair a hacked website. At times hackers create hidden entry points that help in coming back and re-hacking your site. So the best way out is to protect your website by implementing required security measures.

After implementing these measures, it will be tough for hackers to break into your site. Your site is secure and actively defends your website against attacks when it is completely secure.

They make your website quite difficult to unlock and discover the data in it. Even if someone with malicious intent walks in to steal your data the protection systems will safeguard details of customers’ accounts, and all other important information. Here’s how you can protect your website from hackers.

Stay Updated

It is important to stay updated with the latest hacking threats. Basic knowledge of it will help to protect your website against it and implement the required measures beforehand. Fresh put precautions help in taking necessary steps for protecting your website.

Access Control

You do not want a hacker to see the admin level of your website. The best way is to have user names and passwords that are difficult to guess. Change the entire default database to something completely different making it harder to guess.

More importantly, limiting the number of login attempts and password resets is a good way to protect email accounts. Moreover, login details should not be shared by email, to protect the account from unauthorized access to the account.

CMS Security

Now, it is easy for a site owner to get online and use an open-source content management system (CMS).

Even if these platforms have frequent security updates, plugins, themes, and other third-party extensible components, they make your website vulnerable to cyber attacks. Every website owner should take security measures for CMS to protect their environments and mitigate threats.

Update your website

There are several benefits of plugins and extensions. But with that they bring risk. The main cause of website infections is the vulnerability of the content management system’s extensible components.

All these tools are open-source software programs. Their code is easily accessible to developers and malicious hackers. Hackers can take control of your website by exploiting any platform and use the data on it.

To protect your website from being hacked, regularly update content management system, plugins, and apps installed. Keep on looking for the update to access recent Updates and secure your website.

Automatic Backups

The worst thing is when your website is hacked and you can’t access the data. The best way to protect is to always have a recent backup so that recovery is easy.

A data breach will be comparatively less stressful when you have a current backup to recover the data. Develop a habit of manually backing your website weekly. And, if there’s a chance you’ll forget, it is a smart choice to invest in automatic backups.

Precautions while uploading files

When everyone can upload something to your website, they can overwrite the existing files or intentionally upload a large file to bring down your whole website.

So don’t accept any file uploads and if you have to, do not skip any security step to eliminate the threat. Some types of businesses need to give customers access to securely provide documents. But, all of this should be done carefully. Check the types of files you’re accepting, before allowing file extensions.

Always use antivirus software to scan files for malware before opening and keep the upload folder outside of the website to keep hackers away from accessing your website while uploading files.


Secure and protect your website against hackers by keeping it healthy and safe. Taking these important steps will secure your website from hackers.

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