On the Surface of SEO “Backlink” has a huge opportunity and if you don’t understand the importance of backlinks, you can miss something more. Without backlinks, SEO will not be enough to drive traffic to your website and to rank it too.
What is Backlinks and How to Create Quality Backlinks
Let’s understand the concept of backlinks and how you can deal with it.

In simple words, A Backlink means when you link one website to another, for example, a blog written on the best cars in the market links to the car manufacturers website ( Mahindra, Tata, etc). The backlink is also known as an inbound link, which drives traffic to your website through another website. DesignWorkz generates quality backlinks for business promotion so that you can survive in the business market.

Backlinks are more than just a link, as much as you go in too deep you will get to know its power and effective benefits.

Benefits of Generating Backlinks

  • Google Search Engine Ranking

    Backlink is a major factor which Google considers to rank any website, as good or high quality backlinks will generate leads to the top rank of your website in search engines.

  • High Volume Traffic

    If you are thinking of how to get backlinks, keep reading. We will explain to you.
    If your anchor text and the context make your whole content sound appealing, it will help in generating huge high-quality traffic to your website without getting ranked on the search engine.

  • Build Domain Authority

    Generating backlink is one of the primary ways to build domain authority in less time and that is why most companies invest more in link building strategy.

  • Create Strategic Relationships

    If you are working on exploring organic outreach will help you out building strategic relationships and you develop real, psychological authority in your industry. Ultimately you will build relationships with various business admins and your audience because you seem like a trustable and reputable.

Ways of Generating High-Quality Backlinks

  • Write a Blog for High Authority Website

    It is one of the most effective ways to generate backlink, you just have to talk to the website owner. Send an email to him and ask for It. If they agree on it, you need to pay some fees for it and fees vary admin to admin.
    Some of them will allow you to link your website or some will allow your site in your author byline. If you are unsure about anything or have any doubt, ask the owner without any hesitation.

  • Write News With Fresh Content

    You may not be aware of it, social sharing also counts and the latest news is the most shared content on the web. So if you write an interesting and latest news story that your audience will like to read then definitely you will receive lots of sharings on social media. It will result in getting attention from web master who will like to post your content and generate backlinks for you.

  • Generate Backlinks for Others First

    This may sound awkward but it works. If you include their link and mention them in your blogs, maybe they will notice it and generate backlinks for you too. It’s like a favor, if you will do then they will too and after all you are getting backlinks without paying any fee.

  • Use Skyscraper Strategy

    The concept of skyscrapers was introduced by the Brian Dean from Backlinko ( He is not the actual inventor of it, he just used it in the right way). As per skyscraper technique, you have to follow some steps to get high-quality backlinks , Steps are given below:

    1. Search Popular Content

      First you have to search for the most popular content in your niche because if the content is popular it means it has more quality links. You Can use Tools To check the backlinks linked to that content. But the content must be outdated so that you can write it in a better way.

    2. Recreate the Content

      The next step is to write that outdated content with more justifiable information. Content should be creative and unique so that viewers can realise that your content is much better than the original one.

    3. Contact Backlink Generators

      The third step is about contacting those people who generated backlinks to earlier contact. Inform them about your updated content and they will definitely post your content because they are already prime. They do care about the quality of content which they are giving to their viewers.

    4. Create Relevant Content

      If you want to generate a giant return from your investment, write only relevant content to the topic. Otherwise, your whole efforts will become scrap.
      Backlinks will give you an unpredictable result, you just need to explore and work on it with honesty.