WordPress- a renowned platform used by several niches of business, helps in building an online presence. But, are you making these WordPress Website Mistakes?

When You Create a WordPress Website Don't Make These Five Mistakes?

Not Choosing The Right Platform

If you are about to build a WordPress website, it is crucial to be aware that there are two platforms of WordPress- Wordress.com and WordPress.org. Often people make mistakes while choosing either of the media for their website. Each of these platforms come with their own set of benefits and dark sides. At least, one should have a tentative idea about the media to figure out which is better and not for their business niche and needs!

Both of them have a set of pros and cons. It is upon the owner of the website which one they want to choose. WordPress.org is a free platform and very user friendly. It allows you to add some themes and plugins or apps to your website. The best part is that the integration of WordPress.org with Google Analytics is easier.

Forgetting To Set Up Automated Backups

As a beginner, it is normal for one to think that a WordPress Site can bring no mishap to the site. But it is not valid. Many unavoidable accidents and mishaps can occur, making your site vulnerable, and it goes down ( which means it will become inaccessible). Therefore, you will not be able to do what you wanted to do with your website for your business. Increased site time makes it difficult to sell, serve, or generate leads on the website. This automatically brings the website down in the SERP Results.

Skipping the Google Analytics Set Up

Google Analytics is an essential integrant of your website. If you are not thorough with the website’s technicality and want to only focus on the business, then perhaps it is best if you hire a professional developer.

It is possible for a developer to make this mistake too, and therefore addressing it is vital for a safe and functional website. Google analytics helps in analyzing the performance of the WordPress website. It aims to provide you with a good idea of the Return on Investment of your website. Learn about the traffic, the number of clicks, the volume of traffic, details or visitors, and much more.

Ignoring the Regular Updates of the WordPress Website

A WordPress Website should be well maintained, and thus securing it is the first step. Therefore, do not ignore the regular updates that pop up on the WordPress Website Ajax. Keep on logging on the website from time to time and study it if it needs any bugs or issues to be fixed. You can use applications or specific plugins to increase security.

Update the website and improve the bugs and vulnerability issues of the site. When plugins are updated, the number of HTTP requests sent is reduced, and hence the site performance enhances. You need to understand that with each update, the website gets an added layer of security. The updated WordPress website functions smoothly and makes the site more desirable to visitors.

Remember to Use a Preset Permalink Structure

Don’t know what a permalink is? Do not worry, and there is no shame in that. A permalink is simply defined as a permanent static hyperlink attached to a post on the website. Usually, a WordPress website assigns a permalink to a position as default. It appears like- www.yourwebsite.com/q-345t. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the link, but it is crucial to change it.

People do not pay too much attention to the link, but it can be a little odd to people when you share it on social media. On the other hand, the search engine crawlers find it difficult to understand the usefulness of the content. And, this even makes the Post difficult to rank on the search engine, which affects the SEO of the website.

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